Z Reset Position with FET VAT and Easy Level Build Plate and Heavy Duty Z Axis Arm

HELLO EVERYONE!!! My name is Niko and I just got the Peopoly Moai:) With the upgraded Easy to Level Build Plate, Heavy Duty Z-Axis and FET VAT!

My question is, What should my Z Reset Position be if I have the Easy to Level Build Plate, New Heavy Duty Z-Axis and the FET VAT? Right now based off what I learned I have it set to 1870, but why has TOTALLY ELUDED ME!! HELP PLEASE!!!

I’m terrible at math. And each instruction guide only tells you if you have a combination of one or the other and not ALL 3 add ons. Is anyone running a similar set up like mine?

on standard z axis, for FEP would be 1817, so translate to heavy duty z would be 1817+53= 1870
Heavy duty z settings: https://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:heavy-duty-z-axis
Leveling for Easy to Level Build Plate with FEP vat:https://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:levelingnewplate
DO NOT adjust the screws underneath the vat if you are using Easy to Level Build Plate, that way of leveling is for standard build plate