Z reset position and bed leveling


When I goto level my bed, I am following the Moai calibration guide.

What is the official z reset position for leveling the bed as of today?

For context I have watched videos that say 1880, and videos that say 1877. So I am confused.


the z reset position is 1877


I have seen this confusion in other users. If not mistaken the guide “guides” you by starting at 1880 when adjusting the nuts bellow for the first pass, than you set it to 1877 to relief to the right amount of pressure. Like Captain Barbosa said - “this is more of a guideline than a rule!” - this value might change as you
do the calibration with the cylinders.


Ok perfect thanks. I’ll stick with default 1877 for now and experiment in the future. I am totally new to this type of printing and machine.