Z Reset for EZ Level Plate

I’ve had no problems with the EZ level plate, but I want to clear something up for myself.

I’ve seen recommendations given on the Z Reset position for the EZ level plate, and I’ve seen posts where someone had tried tweaking Z Reset up or down with that plate to see if it fixes a print problem. Isn’t the actual value of Z Reset irrelevant as long as the plate has been leveled properly? And tweaking it wouldn’t improve first layer adhesion, would it?

What I did for leveling was to lower the plate until it fully contacted the bottom of the vat while still having a little vertical play for all four of the adjustment slots. Then I tightened it while putting just a little downward pressure on the plate to make sure it stays flat against the bottom of the vat. My Z Reset was 1847, which was quite different than others I’ve seen here (I have the double-rail Z axis, which may be a factor).

It seems like recommendations for a particular Z Reset value for the EZ level plate are off the mark, unless I misunderstand things…wouldn’t be the first time.

on FEP plate, the z reset is vary based on the user’s leveling
The fact that the difference between the red and green zone is much bigger than PDMS vat cause users to have failed prints with the green zone not printed
So adjusting the z reset a bit will ensure better layer adhesion

So after the plate has been leveled and Z reset has been set using the procedure described in the Moai dicumentation, there may still be some Z reset tweaking necessary?

I thought following the procedure for leveling and Z reset would yield consistent results from printer to printer. Mine seems fine, so I won’t worry about it. I understand why people have different Z reset values, but I still don’t get why the process of setting the value wouldn’t always yield a good number.