Z peeling Moai 130


hi, is it possible to make moai works similar to msla printer like photon? i mean each next layer only build plate move. vats stay there not moving. i got make XL and shuffle and photon, all of it works like this.

so can i turn off the motor underneath the vat and make the build plate rise 8mm from vat before entering next layer?



you can turn off the peel motion by set the z follow to 0, but there’s no setting that makes the vat rise 8mm , that would be a firmware problem



Honest question : why would you do that ? I’ve always considered peeling operation using only the Z axis as being a simplicity solution more than a technically-backed design.



cause if print multiple object in a plate will make separation layer visible



so, if Z follow is 0, the vat is not tilting? only Zmotor will spin and build plate go up and down for next layer? similar concept on photon?



Hello @Pure_Bulat. The removal process is a bit mystical, as it is not well documented.

Here are my observations (Moai 200, Firmware: SLA-200 1.00):

If Z Follows = 0, then the vat tilts at the end of a plane slowly down, and if it is at the bottom, then the Z-axis moves fast up to the next level.

If Z Follows > 0, then the Z-axis will descend slowly as you tilt and at the lowest point quickly up to the next level.

What’s curious: Z Follows is set to zero in the first 33 levels (turned off) by the firmware. I do not understand the meaning, why is this done?
@peopoly, is this a mistake or what is the purpose of this?

I have measured the following values:

  • Z Follows = 100 equals 1mm Z-axis movement down and than up again.

  • PM Reset Position = 200 corresponds to a travel of 10 mm of the tilt motor PM.

The whole procedure is to help that the FEP foil gently detaches itself from the laser-exposed plane and does not interfere with the print object due to excessive peeling forces.

I hope this helps a bit better to understand the PM process a little better.