Z-axis motor makes horrible noise when it tries to move

Hi Everyone…

Yesterday morning I came down to a printer vat with no resin left and my z-axis motor no longer moving. I cancelled the print but the build plate did not move. I was able to get the build plate and VAT out and when I tried to move the plate head up, just a loud cranking noise.

I turned the printer off and I can manually move the screw up and down and the plate head moves freely with no issues, but when I try to move it with the settings, it just sounds like it’s skipping.

Here’s a short video of the sound: https://youtu.be/cyuRtepsRPk

I’ve checked the cable connections to the motor and board, both are snug.

I’m wondering if the screw or motor are broken due the resin running out and maybe it sticking to the FEP?

Is there instructions on how to remove the motor and screw and how to check each for damage?


This is the manual for removing the motor (1-3). If you still have any questions, please email us so that peopoly can help you in time.

Thanks @peopoly_support3 - I removed the motor and it indeed is not working…
What replacement part do I need to buy?

I can see that this is similar: https://core-electronics.com.au/hybrid-stepper-motor-for-3d-printer-3-5kg.html
But also this has similar specs: https://www.jaycar.com.au/nema17-stepper-motor/p/YM2756

Except the Nema17 has less torque, which I would imagine the Peopoly needs higher torque?

Please use the correct motor. If the tension produced by different torques is inconsistent, printing will fail.

@peopoly_support3 - thanks… BUT what is the correct motor to use? I don’t see the specs anywhere for it

Please choose 42 stepper motor