XYZware nobel stopped working


I had been using this to do supports but it no longer runs on my Windows 10 PC. I get the red splash screen logo, but nothing more. Has anyone else experienced this?



I had the very same problem yesterday. Spent several hours trying to solve it without success.
Today morning I’ve just started my PC and run XYZ and … it works. I have no idea what happened :wink:


I was afraid of something like that. Someone mentioned that it contacts their servers. Maybe it won’t start without an answer? Anyway, thank you for confirming what I saw. .


I also uninstalled and reinstalled but no joy.

After reading your response, I installed again today and now it works :weary:


I reinstalled but still it isnt working


If you really cant get it to work try B9 or Asura…

Asura is already doing a good job generating supports.

B9 is just awesome to work with.


I started using b9 when I got the Moai (I used others for FDM). The issue I have with it is that it doesn’t generate connected structures unless there is some way that I don’t know.

Asura will be good someday. Right now it’s buggy and hard to navigate which is all understandable given its immaturity.

XYZware has its issues as well, but it seems to be the most usable to me.


All my first prints were with XYZware as well.

I was “afraid” of non connected supports as well but honestly i havent seen indication of failures from B9 supports

The only problem that happens (and i kinda fixed it with @Goncalo_Amorim_Sousa 's help but i still need to test more) is the base of the supports are hollow… they should be completely filled but they always have hollow sections… first i thought it was a laser power issue but i think its the way the infill is printed at the first layers. I didnt want to raise the infill from 70% since the parts were coming off fully solid and higher infills can lead to overcuring problems.

What i tried (again, @Goncalo_Amorim_Sousa idea) was to raise the value of the number of walls untill all of the model is filled with walls instead of infill (i tested it and it works), Like this the base has no more hollow sections on the base… From what it seems, maybe filling the model with walls might be easier than the infill pattern we are using with Cura, but i havent tested enough to confirm that…