Xy scaling is off by 20%


i’m not sure if this is a soft- or hardware issue. Al my prints are 20% smaller in XY direction. The Z direction is spot on.

I have tested with two different slicers (chitubox and lychee) and the results are exactly the same.

My printer is a Phenom L running firmware 2.11.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,

Make sure that your device parameters are set correctly.

Are there any other parameter than these?

This is unlikely to happen. If it is a hardware or software problem, the Z-axis direction of the printed model will also change. It cannot only change in the X/Y direction. Check whether your model design size is correct and whether it happened during import The reform.

I agree, the problem is weird, hence my call for help. Both lychee and chitubox give the exact dimensions. So the model import should be fine.

Any other things I should check?

When did this happen? If the previous printing is normal, it indicates that the hardware of the device is correct. It may be that the model was changed when it was imported into the software.

It started when I moved to a new officebuilding (with the printer) , and started using a new pc. With the new software chitubox 18.

I have rolled back the software to the version peopoly recommends.

No other changes were made.

What’s the condition of the equipment recently? Has the problem been solved?

The condition of the equipment is perfect. The problem hasn’t been resolved.

Currently working with a different printer, same model, no problems.

I’m having the very same problem X and Y are 20% smaller but the Z is correct. Dims in Chitubox are correct after slicing it. Seems to be how the printer is reading the file. Were you able to resolve the problem with yours? If so I’m interested to know what you found.