XP finder software

I have tried to use XP Finder software to get the exposure time on my PHENOM, it can see the files to use, but it dosnt do anything, tried the same usb stick in my Eleego Mars, and it dit the hole test, i would use my water resin from Eleego.
Have any out there used the software on PHENOM with succes??? or the resin in a PHENOM

that xp finder is not a good test for phenom and also does not work well for some resins too. there are print cubes in our user directory and usb drive that you can use.

Thank you very much, i have seen that there are these cubes, but how do you use them to give you the curetimes for an resin ? Are these cubes made with different cure times in the same print ? if they are, it scould be described, then i would have used them.
Thank you for fast responce.

Here is the next test cube which is smaller

We normally put a full plate to check printer build. you can use a cluster to test your exposure. Starts with deft setting and adjust up or down depending on print results