X/Y Compensate Help


My models are turning out 0.2 mm narrower than designed in the Y axis. How would I adjust the Compensate value to make them wider?


Do the calibration cross process suggested with the latest version of asura


after doing the calibration cross, follow the advanced calibration to adjust:https://docs.google.com/document/d/17EYM9WTy9HMLh6x3lLFIOnQ_dxqDnTRWgukOVBkIxvg/edit


Thanks guys! I’ll give this a shot.

And I thought I was done calibrating.



do that, and then use Asura to fine tune the calibration.
use this guide:


Alright! I finally had the guts to do the advanced calibration. Wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be :slight_smile:
The cross was slightly off center in the y axis - abount 2-4mm. Easy to adjust, thought it seemed as though it was slightly turned from the center (very slightly).

I adjusted the x/y pots as the outer circle was drawing large and with a slight ellipse. Oddly enough, the smaller circle was drawing perfectly before AND after adjusting the screws. Strange as I ended up turning them a fair amount to align them.

Currently testing the calibration print for Asura for precision. Will report back :slight_smile: