X offset printing

I come to you to understand a little more my printing errors.
I did all the normal and advanced calibration tests before.

For the calibration test with 4 screws I get this result :

  • A : 10.73
  • B : 10.72
  • C : 10.77
  • D : 10.72

After I calibrate the cube of 20mm.
The first cube I printed was completely offset on the X axis.

I print a second cube after without touching any setting and it was right.
I calculated the value of the cube in X and Y, I got this:

  • X : 19.35
  • Y : 19.61

So that my cube is 20mm so I change the values ​​of X and Y on the machine ( X : (20-19.35)/0.02 = 32 )
Now I must change the value on the machine ( 900 + 32 )

I printed a third cube and the cube is good, no offset on X and values are:

  • X : 20.01
  • Y : 20.05

After I decided to test my moai with a big print of Thanos :wink:
We do not see well on the picture the inclination…

I printed it in 50 micron, the quality is great! But the shift of the X axis is back, it is slightly leaning to the left.

My settings in Cura are:

The printing temperature is approximately 25C.
To see if my machine has gone out of order, I redo a test with 4 screws. I have this :

  • A : 10.65
  • B : 10.66
  • C : 10.71
  • D : 10.72

I’m on limit on X :

What to do to prevent the shift in X which is always left ??
Why when I calibrate my cubes this one seems to have disappeared ??
I think it is the platform with the pdms which is inclined so that my impression is on the side … yet I am in the tolerance indicated in the guide. Should we be even more precise (0.05) on the screws?

Have you done the cross calibration test? Is the cross right on the printed paper lines?

Before printing check that the build platform is inserted all the way in on the bracket and that the screw on top is very tightly fastened. On Thingiverse you find a printable spanner for the build plate screw if needed.

Yes before starting to print the screws I had done the test of the cross, I had to change the screws of the galvo to come align it in the center.
The screw on the mounting plate was tight.

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xenos92, can you email support@peopoly.net and refer to this thread?

What to do to prevent the shift in X which is always left ??