Writing the New User Guide wiki page this week. Was there anything you 'wish' you would have known before you started building?


Hey Moai printer peeps.

I’m trying to fill out the New User Guide this week with all the info a new user would need to have an enjoyable experience building and printing. This might be the very first link they went to ‘officially’ after researching the printer while they waited on it to arrive on their own. Above all it needs to be very clear and concise to the user.

The general layout will be an overall step by step, which I started.


Then the links in each step will go to individual dozuki guides or something along those lines. Think of this page as a Table of Contents. I feel this gives the user more of a sense of accomplishment and they are better able to schedule their time appropriately. “I need 30 minutes for the next step, I can do that tomorrow” type of thing.

Does anyone have anything they learned afterwards they wish they would have known? What about any feedback about the New User process as a whole? I plan on tackling the Hardware Installation Guide after this, but I feel this page needs to be completed before we make the new wiki version live.


There needs to be a lot more information on how to use cura and meshmixer, especially with mac, because I did not initially know how to properly set out cura for the mac. I would also like to see a basic resin exposure time chart as well as photos of all the settings that I need to have on the printer. I beleive that adding photos that demonstrate the hight at which the build plate should be at to begin the first layer would be great. I would like to see an FAQ and a troubleshooting guide added to the user manual as well because the one that was incuded did not do a whole lot to help. I would look to this forum for different problems that need to be addressed in the guide so that it serves as a one stop shop for most basic issues. Overall there seems to be a lot of information on how to set up the printer spread out over lots of user guides and other links. I think that the next user guide should combine all those so that someone shouldnt have to search around to find the solutions to their problems.


I think most of my original issues have been addressed by the forum, and those issues were mainly related to there not being a central point of reference to get the files and set up guides in one place.
There still isnt a central link to get the latest Cura settings for instance, unless someone links to it, adn even then its still a post that may or may not be outdated.
The forum should have the manuals and guides linked very clearly , but its always tucked away four threads down…soemwhere. I wouldnt know how to open the current build manual even now, unless I search the forum.

looking forward to the guide !!


This is great feedback.

  1. I’m with you on more Cura and Meshmixer settings. I felt the same way and I have started pages, http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:cura and http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:meshmixer. The point I am lacking on is the Mac setup, I don’t have a Mac, can you do some screenshots or a quick guide on how to set it up?

All your other points are great as well. I’ve notated them and will address them.

I think the main/start page of the wiki, http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:start will have all the knowledge for everything.

EDIT: Added your steps to the wiki, http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:cura


Yes, these are great points. This is precisely what I am trying to address by having everything easily findable from here, http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:start

Everything you want to know about Cura will be here, http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:cura

Yes, the build manual is linked from the main Wiki page, but your point is valid and I will address that. I’m trying to herd everything onto the main page, or at least a link or two from it.

Keep the feedback and ideas coming guys!

Also, did anyone have any problems building the printer?


Meshmixer installs on mac pretty much like any other application but it would be nice to have a link to the mac download included in the guide.

Directions for Cura:

  1. Download and unpack zip file downloaded from Support page on Peopoly website
  2. Download the Cura profiles from the Support page as well and after unpacking move them somewhere were they will not be deleted
  3. Once unpacked drag the application over to the “applications” folder in the finder
  4. Launch the application
  5. Navigate to the “manage profiles” option on Cura and browse the mac for the profiles you just downloaded.
  6. Click and open the profile you want to use (you only have to do steps 5 and 6 once per profile then it will be accessible from the profile selection drop menu)
  7. Open the drop menu called Extensions>PostProcessing Menu>modify g-code
    8.Add a Search and Replace script
  8. Check “Use Regular Expression” and enter “\n” “\r\n”
  9. Cura for mac is now ready for use, keep in mind that you have to repeat steps 7-9 every time you relaunch Cura as it resets on close.


The only issue that I had was that the bar that swivels to lock the door closed was missing from the kit but at the moment I just use a piece of plastic to hold the door shut. I would also add a reminder to remove the film from the acrylic parts of the device as a lot of people seem to forget that. Other than that the build directions are fantastic.

Something else I would like to see in a future iteration of the printer would be an easier way to take the side panels off the device as it seems like I have to do that a lot in order to level and make other adjustments.


I too think @peopoly should write with big black marker on the acrylic or put stickers on it, something that is very obvious.

Also think that the side panels need quick releases or something, lol. I really like the panel attachments on CaseLabs cases. Although the ones they use require quite a bit of force, they are also bendable and easy to adjust.

Apparently they are called ball and stud receptacles.



I use thumbscrews purchased from McMaster-Carr. I put plastic washers underneath to protect the acrylic. It makes removal tool-free. Quick releases would be great, but may require a more-extreme retrofit.

If there is interest, I can post pictures and hunt up SKUs.


something like these PC Case thumb screws might be a bit easier than an allen key anyway:


Back on topic- the only thing I got wrong was the cable tidy guide, which didnt really show NOT to put the cable through the holes in the platform ( I think this has been corrected on the last month or so though?)


I had a couple of issues during my build.

-for me the right and left panels were preassembled, but that meant it was not clear where the front and back cross pieces went, since 4 of them were not labeled. I had to partially take them of mid construction, since my holes were on the wrong side

  • It was not clear to me from the instructions which side the x and y galvo controller should be on. It would be handy to have that consistent for everybody.

  • The images for how to tie up the wires were not very helpful in my opinion. It did not even clearly tell you which way some of the wires were supposed to go

If I think of anything else I will post it


There needs to be a cabling diagram with connections and wire colors so that the user can check their work. Drawings would be best.

Also, the build guide should include a note about shimming the SD card reader board to avoid over-stressing the control board connector. Hopefully, Peopoly will include some washers for that purpose.

Also, the instructions for installation of #2 crossbars have been incorrect for some time: the crossbars are described to install like #1 and #3, but instead the screw passes through the extrusion to lock the bars in place. This may have changed with the new Right/Left frame pre-assembly.

Instructions should be provided for centering the platform. It should be reasonably obvious, but the number of issues that seemingly arise from the platform rubbing again the shield suggest that it is not.

The routing of the wires from the z-axis motor and stop-sensor and the platform-tilt motor (PM) is poorly described, as is the orientation of the PM (wire facing toward the galvo). These should be clarified and perhaps the routing re-thought entirely.

Lastly, while the calibration instructions are reasonably straightforward, the use of the template is not. The lack of instructions regarding orientation and which box the size is defined for, makes a simple process quite baroque. Both better instructions and a template with marked dimensions and orientation would have made a 45 minute process into a 5 minute one.

My thoughts…

Thank you for doing this. It is needed and can only improve the user experience.