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I’ve been 3d printing for a while on FDM, switched to MSLA with the Elegoo Mars Pro and loved it so much I took the big upgrade to the Phenom.

The issue I’m having is similar to what others have said, but no one ever seems to find a happy conclusion. :frowning:

The prints are sticking to the build plate alright, but the FEP is holding them on with brute force.

I had this exact same issue with the Elegoo Mars, but the same solutions aren’t working with the Phenom.

My last print I did with supports, It managed to print the raft and the supports, it even managed to print the start of the model, but the second the model had a larger cross-section, it ripped it off the supports and stuck to the bed. See below, the red dots are where the print was at when it ripped off, the rest of the supports printed fine.

I’m running the Elegoo Standard Photo resin since I have a bunch on hand, and it’s pretty cheap per kg. I’ve probably run through 3-4kgs of the stuff on the Mars without issues. I’ve been playing with a ton of settings every print, but these are my last print’s settings
Layer Height: 0.05mm
Bottom Layer Count 12
Exposure Time 8
Bottom Exposure Time 90
Bottom Lift Speed 24mm/min
Lifting Speed 36mm/min

I really lowered the lifting speeds to see if being more gentle would help.

Using ChiTuBox 1.6.5 with 2.11 Firmware on the printer.
I don’t have a pic, but I have verified that the rectangle appears on the LCD, I don’t believe this is an LCD problem either.

Here are my support settings, they are the default medium for with ChiTuBox, with the exception of I added a raft.

Things I’ve tried:
-Re-leveling bed several times, I get this issue randomly throughout the all four corner & center of the build plate.
-I’ve applied FTPE lubricant on the top of the FEP film (This is what fixed the Elegoo Mars for me)
-I’ve put my space heater, and the room is at 75F (24C (I used a thermometer to verify)) the Elegoo resin recommends 20-25C, so I believe I have that right.
-Verified that there is no suction between the LCD and the FEP.
-Cleaned the LCD & FEP (Both sides) with 99% IPA (before applying the FTPE).

I’m just frustrated because I managed to fix this on my Elegoo and it’s been printing like an absolute champ, the only “variable” difference between these two printers is obviously the build size & height. They’re both in the same room, using the same resin at the same temp, same software, even tried same settings for a print. I’ve scoured a dozen or so threads on the same issue, and either people don’t come back after they fix it, or they never do?

Has anyone tried scratching/sanding the build plate for additional bed adhesion? Has anyone tried the Elegoo Resin? I don’t see how resin could be an issue right now, but I’m willing to pivot if anyone has a recommendation for a similarly priced ~$30/kg resin.

Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance,

Here is a guide on resins, including use of 3rd party resins:

Try FEP from McMaster Carr. You can get a 3 foot roll for $60. I have yet to have a print stick to the FEP once I switched. Id also recommend you use the printer in a warmer room. I am unable to get successful prints below 80F. I can’t overstate this enough. Warm temperature is critical

Are you sure these settings are correct? They are nothing close to the resin/print settings in Chitubox (, so which is correct? Also, do these apply to the Noir, which is capable of printing at a much faster rate?

Solution: So I think I’ve figured it out, hopefully this will help some other struggling lurker.

It’s simple, Elegoo Resin just doesn’t work. I used the Siraya Tech Fast Grey with the recommended settings (except I use 8 second exposure cause no one has time for 12s) and I’ve had 2 quick successful prints so far.

The Siraya is comparable priced at $32/kg.

Still used all my steps above about heating the room, FTPE Lubricant, etc.

Also watch some youtube videos on making holes in your hollow models, I was making some mistakes around where to place them, and I believe I’ve got it figure out for now.

Cheers and good luck printing,



I had a similar issue with my Noir and it improved greatly with an increased lifting height, as opposed to the speed.

The larger surface area of the FEP causes a significant flex which needs to be accounted for when printing any larger sized prints or prints with larger cross sections, which would be typical on this machine.

Best Of Luck,

May be worth a consideration.

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It is recommended to use peopoly’s recommended resin printing. Chitubox has built-in printing parameters, which will greatly help LCD screens and FEP films.