Won’t print helmets

Heya, so I’m having some issues with the printer. It’s fine printing small things, and by small I mean tiny. However whenever I go to print parts of helmets it just won’t do it. I’m using all the recommended settings yet it’s not even sticking to the print bed. I’ve cleaned our the tray when I had the first issue, tried again and the same issue accrued. If anyone can help please do :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear your printing issues. The most efficient way to provide you the best answer is to get as much information from you as possible.
Information we need from you:

order number
where you are based

Device model (label is located at the switch position in the lower right corner of the device)
Issue survey info Here is the support survey that covers all the key factors affecting. Some may be answered while other may seem unrelated to issues at hand. Please do answer as complete as possible:

you can download it as word file and put your answers in

Got a picture of the print in the slicer set up? I’m wondering if it’s potentially a suction issue if you’re printing a helmet.

Work off of the assumption your laser is too low. You need to partially overcure larger prints so that it doesn’t flat out separate during print. Overcompensate on supports using Asura and just overload it. Depending on how big my print is I’ll just use a support density of 2.5. Buy some Super Lube and drain and clean your vat, give it a coat and pull excess off with a lint-free shop towel.
Hopefully, with the release of the new firmware it’ll be more stable during large prints. I’m working the beta firmware currently on 1.20 and it’s doing a 4gb file without issue. Unfortunately, that’s on my Moai 130.