With the latest Phenom firmware out 20210715, will slicing be locked to Chitubox only

We have been using Lychee Slicer for most of the slicing for our phenom with better success than with Chitubox over the past several months. There is a new firmware out to bring compatibility with Chitubox 1.9. We have been hearing that this may force us to slice with Chitubox only if we perform the firmware upgrade. Care to clarify the situation?


Why isn’t Peopoly desponding to this simple question?

Sorry for the delayed reply. Since Chitubox 1.9 has just been launched, you can consult the technical engineers of Chitubox on the FB forum so that they can reply in time.

i d’ont take the risk . i stay with the old software en use lychee. its working so i d’ont mess with it.
Phenom L. I just hope when the mono screen come we d’ont need to update the software.
we need a open source firmware and board. i am willing to spend some money on that.

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Hello. My question is to Peopoly, not Chitubox. Does the latest Peopoly firmware for the Phenom keep compatibility with .ctb files sliced using LycheeSlicer?

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