Wiring Diagrams


I have not proceeded to do any soldering before the vendor replies to my query as I might have to send it back and soldering anything on the board might void warranty etc. I also feel that for a 1000 USD+ system I as a consumer should not have to resort to repair a newly delivered system. Would love to simply jump in and fix it if I could, but need to await response from vendor.


As for your query on filename lenght this is the stock card and the stock files delivered by Peopoly that cant be read, I trust they adhere to their own naming standards.


Yes the new card only had a gcode folder as per instructions to try a different card. Agree on the faulty reader hypothesis. Though in theory I suppose it could be issues on the board the reader plugs into.


[quote=“Joseph, post:64, topic:108”]
This is his image https://forum.peopoly.net/uploads/default/original/2X/4/44bd9929032b87ace9c0e3625caa749e3381389b.jpeg [/quote]

The above solution served as a test positive that in fact the SD card reader is faulty… sigh… As other posters have said - QC testing needed for components!


These diagrams should be on the Installation Guide V2: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1yzSxYxJ2hDWH5Tks4eD-P5XpEBOaRhRxpic4mbyX3ks/edit#slide=id.p3


not sure how we completely missed this but I will add to the guide