Wireless SD Card


Has anyone tried a WIFI SD card with their Moai??

Internal storage Suggestion
Hardware request - potential addon PCB

If you mean the ones for dSLRs, then it probably will not work. Examples include the FlashAir and EyeFi cards. Those are used for shooting “tethered” to a computer (saving directly to the computer) for extra storage or instant viewing/editing. The link is basically one-way from SD device to host, not vice versa.

Even if the link were two-way, the best you could probably do would be wireless upload. All commands would have to be issued at the Moai itself. In the end, the only benefit might be reduced wear-and-tear on the SD slot.


Yeh, all I was looking to do is to send files to printer wirelessly (like a network storage device)
I’ve been looking at various ones but the compatibility seems a bit random.


I use a Toshiba FlashAir 16GB… However you really need to get one of the new W04 versions as all the previous versions are incredibly slow and have wifi signal issues in the metal front of the Moai.
I previously tried W02 and W03 versions of the FlashAir cards, and while they did work, it was painful and unreliable. I’ve now been using the W04 version for a couple weeks, it seems to have no problems with wifi and works well. https://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-FlashAir-Generation-Wifi-memory/dp/B072SN7QK6/


That’s great, Thanks David.


good to know that @newline


Thanks for letting us know these work. I just ordered one for my Moai.
Are there any special settings to get it to work with the Moai?



I am working on a Raspberry pi solution for web control of the Moai. So far I have about 60 hours in the project and making good headway.

First I picked up a Toshiba Flashair w04 16gb. After about 8 hours of very frustrating attempts, I got it working!

Then started working on the Raspberry pi. After lots of research and attempts, I think its where it needs to be to work. I am just waiting on a relay board that will connect to the Moai. It arrives in a few days.

The way it will work is by unplugging the power and selector knob and plugging in my device connector and then plugging the power and selector knob plugs into my device connector. It basically goes in between and uses relays so that no actual electrical connections are made to the Moai.

There are 4 relays. 1 is for power, 1 for selector press, 2 for rotating clockwise and counter clockwise. The power relay just connects and disconnects power. the relay for selector press is just momentary and and can do double press also. The rotation on the Moai is an encoder that reads high low or low high depending on rotation direction. It can be simulated by switching on and off two relays at the right timing.

Oh and it has a streaming video cam server built in. So the web page has the video and the Moai buttons to click on.

I will update after relays arrive.

Here is the code for the Flashair config file:

APPSSID=your ssid
APPNETWORKKEY=your wifi password
CID=your cid from original config
IP_Address=ip address you assign to be permanant
Default_Gateway=your default gateway
Preferred_DNS_Server=your dns


Here is a quick picture of the web interface: Of course the camera will be pointed at the Moai screen :slight_smile:


Looks awesome!

Do you plan to opensource it? Would love to help you out on the web part :wink:


Thanks for the offer however its all done except for the relays to connect to the Moai. They will be here in a few days. Will update soon.

I might however need some help figuring out how to make it available on the web instead of my local home network. I think some router tweaking might be needed. Haven’t done much research on it yet.

And yes, anyone who wants to do it, I will give a brief overview, code, BOM and will answer questions.


Not sure putting the access to your Moai online is a good idea (if that’s what you meant) but I would suggest doing something like a web desktop app with Electron connecting to your installation through your local network… Anyway if you need help don’t hesitate and keep us updated.


Right now I can bring up the web page on my home network and control it from any device on my home network.

I want to be able to control my Moai from anywhere just by going to its web page and entering a password.

I also want to be able to do the same with the Flashair card.

This way I can send files and print from anywhere.


I made a quick Raspberry pi camera arm that is fully adjustable and folds back out of the way when not in use. It uses the screws that are all ready on the side of the Moai. I created it in Creo and printed it on my 3d printer. Here are some pics of the arm and the web page running with the live camera view. Sorry for the reflection on the Moai surface. I turned the room light and red cam light off for the web pic. :slight_smile: The image and buttons work in real time. Well they will when I get the relays in a few days.





Relays came early. Got them hooked up and sorted and it works perfect!

I also set up a free DNS server and forwarded the port on my router so I have complete control over my Moai from the internet.

Here is a picture of the bottom of the case I printed to hold the Raspberry pi and relay board. You can see the cables I made that plug into the Moai and allow pass thru so normal controls still work.

I have the Flash air set up on one web site and printer on another.




can you take a picture of your Moai main board? The newer ones (from summer of 2018 and on have the pause port you can trigger. it is part of firmware already

Here is how to make a Peopoly Moai web interface

Here is my main board:

What is the pause port and what does it do? We can already pause a print by double clicking and selecting pause.



this is where the pause port would be:

the connection is all there but your board is the older ones that don’t have the connectors to the cables.