Will the official Form 1+ work with the Moai?


I’m about to order a new vat from Formlabs since they are located in my state. Will this vat work with the Moai?



yes. but vat may shift a bit as the locking holes distance aren’t the same so you may need to jam it with a small piece of paper


I have a form 1 vat with the moai. Prints with no problem.


Hello! i have a form 1+, and i just recived my moai resin vat, but the resin stuck in vat… how can i do?
Thanks so much!


This forum cannot provide technical support for Formlabs printers. I suggest you ask your questions at www.formlabs.com


It sounds like a vat height calibration issue. However, I have no experience with Formlabs printers. Follow their instructions regarding build surface and vat calibration.