Which default settings should I use with v1.18?(UPDATE: SOLVED)


I’m doing the initial calibration with a new Moai 130 with FEP Vat and easy to level plate. Which default settings would you recommend, I’m getting conflicting information:

Recommended FEP Firmware setting

Latest System Setting

I did the level test with the first one, but used the Z Reset Position as per:


My 4 pegs came out all the same, at 10.1mm, but I understand they should be more around 10.7. Any suggestions on how to achieve this?

I’m still very new, thanks for you help.


Use the FEP settings if you have a FEP vat.

I think the Z Reset position is too high a number for you. Try lowering it by by 6 or 7 and see what peg heights you get.

You might need to do the levelling again if you are using the easy level plate and the screws on the side of the plate have been pushed up as far as possible. Ideally, when levelling with the easy level plate you want it to go down onto the vat, push it up slightly but then still have a little wiggle room on the screws, it sounds like what happened to you happened to me too and it is just fully compressed


for the FEP settings:http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:fep
for the 4 pegs print, you can lower the z reset position


wait if his pegs are 10.1 shouldnt he raise the z reset? lowering it would make it go even lower. doesnt 1 point of z reset = .1mm?


Support probably means lower z reset value thus shortening tha build plate travel.


The Z reset position is the distance it travels in 0.1mm from the top of the rail (when it is off). So if you lower this value, it means it won’t go down as far. The reason your pegs are so small is because the build platform is pushing into the vat too much.


I’ll try lowing it to around 1810 and see how that works out. I’m having a similar problem to this post as well:

When my build plate goes to it’s lowest point, it presses down on the Vat, but it seems this person had a problem with his pegs being too long… In any case, I’ll play around and see how I make out.

Okay wait, I’m a little confused with the leveling test. I found 1809 was the best place to tighten the screws. Now, as per the guide, I’m supposed to INCREASE it to 1810? I thought the build plate was supposed to be one step further from the Vat, not closer…

Thanks everyone for your help.


yeah, so essentially you do lower the plate into the VAT then screw it up, then if you increase it by 1 it means it should be pushing nice and tight against the VAT. But I would change this based on what you peg heights come out at.

If they are all at like 10.5 you would want to lower it by 2 or 3 to get it back to 10.8. but if they were 11 then you would want to increase it to lower the peg height.

does that make sense?


the resin tank doen’t have to be strait like the post you seen, it just need to be aligned with the build plate.

with guide?
and about lower the z reset position i meant the value, not the build plate, each value equal to 0.1mm


Okay perfect, I understand now , thank you everyone for your help.

@peopolysupport, the guide I was talking about was this one:

In that it suggests to set the z-reset to 1815, tighten the screws on the build plate, then set to 1816. I was confused because I watched this video:
He suggested otherwise, but he has the early vat and build plate.

In any case, I followed the wiki guide posted above (but with different values - 1809/1810) and everything seems to be working great now. The height on all my pegs are a uniform 10.7mm, and I did a 7 hour test print and it tuned out beautifully.

I’m only updating in case anyone finds themselves in this thread with a similar problem.

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in the video he uses the standard vat, so he set it 1878
since you are using FEP vat, you have to set it to 1816