When will next batch of hi-temp resin be for sale?


I missed out on the initial sale of the hi-temp resin.

When will the next batch be available? Will it be available through MatterHackers exclusively or will there be some other vendors? Will there be a selection of different colors?


early March. Will send out advance notification


flesh color to start


Any update on the next batch? I have not seen anything yet. I have a few designs I want to test with it.


The high temp should be coming up in 2 weeks. And tough v2 is early April


any word on high temp? looks like I will be running high temp resin for everything.


I’m wondering the same thing. It’s been a little while and no updates.

Will Peopoly also start shipping resin to more retailers other than MatterHackers? Their mark-ups on items (such as the vats) are ridiculous.


we are ramping up production after making some adjustment to the original forumla. look for email update about it this month


And will we see some more options for purchasing the resin (and other Peopoly products) in the USA?


We will put more resins and accessories with resellers as soon as we have enough production to support them.


Looking forward to trying the high temp out.