What's the problem?

Why can’t print certain areas?

there is probably noone that can help you without any information on your settings, software and conditions your are printing under. I had stuff like that happen to me when i started aswell. For me it was a problem with the slicer software. Maybe try updating or changing from whatever you use and test again?

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Thank you.
I’ve tested a lot of different models but
Supporters were not always printed in the same area.
Here’s my slicer setting.1 2 3 4

Please use Asura to slice your models. Asura can be downloaded via link on Peopoly wiki.

You can not use those Cura settings for resin printing.

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it doesn’t seems to be the slicer problem, what is your build plate type? vat type? your settings on Moai? and how is your leveling test, ring test?
for Cura please import and use the profiles for Moai:https://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:cura

at first this is my moai setting

Is there a problem with the settings now?

some settings i want you to change:
z reset position 1817
PM initial speed 10
PM motor speed 12
laser power 58

thank you
It’s definitely better.
But certain areas still can’t be printed
It can’t be printed in the blue area

it’s actually normal for FEP vat, you can keep increase the z reset, it usually have a range of 1816-1820
personally mine is set at 1822

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very interesting. since i am aware of your “problem area” i have looked into my resent failures and it seems to be the exact same area. originally i thought maybe i had overstressed this area by repeatedly printing in this exact same spot in the same vat?! yet there seems to be no signs of wear or clouding. easy workaround just don’t print there :stuck_out_tongue: how does worn fep even look like?

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