Whats causing this scarring artifact? NEX Flesh Moai 200


Hey guys, what do you think is causing this scarring?

Only happening on one side of the print and only at the tip where its free floating without supports

Moai 200 @ 80um NEX yellow @ 49 laser.
Asura 2.2.2 with Moai 200 calib

I am reprinting it at laser 50 and there is still some artifact but not as much. Ive printed at 50 before and it turned out great.

Going to reslice it without calib and change orientation. Bit frustrating as its a 24hour print, twice!



My first thought is bubbles in the vat, particularly since it is on the top of the print. However, since increasing laser power seems to improve it, then I’d wager it is due to undercuring. How old is the resin? Have the temperatures in the build chamber changed?



i would not recommend printing the file again, a test model would be better to test, just place it where the fail happens and see if it’s the machine or the gcode’s fault
i also recommend to check the vat and the galvos, uploading pictures of those would be helpful



thanks guys, Ive increased the laser power and split the model in half, its printing now and looks good. will load pictures when done.

I think its most likely undercuring as suggested. interesting that I had not this problem with a more organic model.

Perhaps because there is more laser overlaps?

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ok, looks like the culprit was too low laser power. re printed and a split model just in case.
But this has Zero of the scarring artifact anymore.
The Resin is NEX Flesh + Black. @ 52.
I think I will try 53 next as the black may need more power to cure.
But happy with the result.

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