What to get moai 130 vs 200

Hi I am King Piccolo, I am trying to buy a laser 3d printer. I am searching the forums for information to help me choose bur i cant find much in here or YouTube for 2020. I really want a 200 and I saw a tread on some fixes. is the moai 200 still a good buy for 2020?
thanks for any help trying to get something asap now that covid looming around

if you are new to SLA printing, i suggest to go with the Moai 130 first before upgrading to Moai 200
Moai 130 is great for covering the basics, it’s an “older” model so you have more experienced users
Moai 200 however, only bigger in size, but size makes a whole lot of new problems and more attention with pre-setup and modeling

Ok if size is the only difference the 200 would be better so as to not limit myself. i have never been one to place limits on myself in exchange for small learning curve.
I really want to verify that all that can be currently done with the 130 can also be currently be done with the 200. Is there any functionally loss between them?

I think the difference that comes up kinda often here on the forums is prints failing on the 200 due to the larger suction force when releasing from the bed.

yes I did read some treads on that something about controlling the peel programmatically. I should be able to find a way around that. I have some ideas I want to try like ultrasound vibration to help release.

With the 200 you’ll get a double linear guiding for the z-axis which brings much more stiffness in the mechanics. In my opinion the better base for some modifications.

Excellent, a good base for enhancements is 100% what I am looking for. If you can please point me in the direction of the custom shipping direct ordering process link for the Moai 200 Kit mentioned in this forum. I understand it can not be ordered using the normal process do to it’s weight.