What temperature is good for resin? At 57F it is gelling


I’m keeping the printer outside due to the fumes, it’s really effected me in just 1 day and i had to call in sick for work. So outside it goes… except in this cold weather the resin in the vat has started to gel starting on the sides. Is it too risky to keep a heat lamp near the components? I’d hate to have to empty the vat and store resin indoors for each print or for long prints to fail due to this.


To print, keep it between 15-30c. 25c is probably the best temperature for printing. Just make sure you warm it up to print.

Resin won’t degrade in cold temperature but does not last long if the temperature is over 70c.

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The fumes are bad when filling the vat but I found that putting weather stripping around the door basically cut all the fumes off. Now the IPA I can’t do much about other than wear a NIOSH mask when I work with it.


I use large amounts of IPA 99% and can stand it just fine, although I have my mask on since I’m handling the resin which I finds worlds more harder to work around. I don’t know why it’s the opposite for me.


I always prefer alcohol over ipa as ipa is more corrosive and toxic. If you want a lower cost solution without the fume, several users, including @BlueDinos suggested Yellow Magic mixed with water at 1:1


I’ve seen that, once I run out I am getting it. Thanks for reminding me. Have you used it yourself?


My main problem with yellow magic is that my parts never quite seem to cure. The end up with an almost rubbery texture


We don’t have access to yellow magic in Asia. Dish detergent in warm water works well. We do quick alcohol bath and the detergent in warm water. You still need UV light to finish curing


How do you guys pre-heat the resin? Not mentioning the chamber but the resin, like before putting inside the machine.


also, right now I was reading 25ºC inside the printer, but when I submerge the sensor inside the resin it read 22.2ºC, and even this can be influenced by where the heater is and where the sensor is.