What is the volume limit of the resin pouring into the vat?


Like in the topic - Should I always fill the VAT with a large amount of resin?

What if I print a small model and want to clean the vat after the print is done?

You just need to fill enough resin for your print. The line on the vat is the max line.

Cool thank you! So even if the print is 20g is it okay to pure that kind of amount into the vat ?

It is not that simple. You have to pour more into the vat so that there is always sufficient amount of resin to cover the print area. The whole system depends on the resin covering all the PDMS / FEP area after a tilt movement. Othervise the print will fail because there is no resin for the laser to cure between the object and the PDMS / FEP.

You don’t need to fill the vat up to the max line. I always leave my resin in the vat between prints (I have left unused resin in my PDMS vat for over a year and just topped it off between prints without any problems).

for the PDMS vat, there’s a max fill line
for FEP vat, it’s best to pour a little resin in first, and then add the rest when the build plate is fully descent to the vat
pouring maximum capacity is not recommended, the chances of spilling resin is not something anyone would like it to be above 0

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile: