What is the Strongest Resin possible on Phenom L

What is the strongest resin I can use with the Phenom L?

There’s the Siraya Build https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10ftA7lpZzU8LiBO2zZ0XzVdKUKEyUdVVXbAvbYPFEtE/edit#gid=0

Which claims:
​Shore D 85
Tensile Strength 50 Mpa
Young’s Modulus 1050Mpa
Elongation At Break: 8%

And the Liqcreate Strong-X https://www.liqcreate.com/product/strong-x/

Which claims:
Tensile strength 91 MPa
Tensile modulus 2.5 GPa
Elongation at break 8.00%
Flexural Strength 135 MPa
Flexural modulus 3.25 GPa
IZOD Impact (notched) 20 J/m
Shore D Hardness 87

Does anyone have experience with these resins or similar? Thanks!

You could print Blu which is stronger than both but it is trickier has it has temperature requirement and need advanced level of support/orientation

Is blu the only tough / engineering resin that has been used successfully with the Phenom L?

Siraya Blu resin has been printed and used on peopoly equipment, and many customers use it as fixtures. Other resins have not been used and will not comment.

Ok I will post my results from testing here.

I will be testing:

eSun Hard Tough Black
Siraya Build
Liqcreate Strong-X

and others. Just got the printer in this week!