What is going on here?


I’ve been trying to figure this out for several days now to no avail. There is banding in my prints. Has anyone had this happen? What was your solution?


hmm could be a few things, rail screws are loose, Plate is not tight enough. i had similar issue and it ended up being a loose Vat, i fixed it by adding some painters tape on the side to make it a bit tighter, the vat didnt wiggle and it solved my issue but just to be sure do the checkup here http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai-checkup


I will bet a nickle to a donut that if you look at your Z-axis screw as its traveling that it is wobbly… yes… :wink:

Also, does it only show up on the faces of the print that are facing left and right on the build plate??


it could also be electrical interference


the wobble on the print is usually due to loose screws or loose built plate, sometimes due to the heat.
You can check out the interference here:https://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:interference


I separated the data wires from the power wires, and triple checked to make sure everything was tight. The vat temp is 28 C. The pattern is consistent around the entire print. There is proper drain holes, the vat was leveled. I moved the build plate up and down and didn’t notice any wobble visually. What else should I try? It is still making the pattern! I appreciate your help!!!


I watched the z axis and I didn’t see any wobble visually. The pattern is around the entire print. Any suggestions?! I appreciate your help!


Look familiar??

Mine was (mostly) fixed with a new z motor with screw. It still does it, but not nearly as noticeable.

Try printing a square object with one side facing left/right and the other front/back.


Oh man, yes, looks the exact same! The z motor screw is the one connected to the build plate moving it vertically, correct? I will print a square. I’m quite disappointed as I expected this SLA printer to not have noticeable lines.


I checked all of those things. Everything is nice and tight! Any more suggestions? :grin:


Yes the z motor screw is the one moving it vertically.

Here is that same print but looking at it sideways… as you can see there are no line on either side that was facing back in front. ( this is likely because you are not going to get it to shift back to front when it’s anchored on the rail). People have different types of lines that are caused by different issues but the ones that you and me are experiencing have nothing to do with electrical. These are not sudden shifts in layers, but more of a rolly coastery line that is conducive of a wobble.

Looking forward to seeing your results after you print the Square.


Just wondering if you found a solution to the issue?


No. I’m thinking there is a problem with the slicing compatibility.


Did you figure it out? Besides the z screw?


It seems to do well with organic shapes but not geometric shapes.


Its still there, you can just see it better with geometric shapes. With doing jewelry I ALWAYS noticed it when it was time to clean the casted item.

All I know is that when I replaced the Z-axis motor with screw it was not nearly as noticeable (still there, but not nearly as bad). I am convinced that precision machines like this would benefit greatly with a dual rail system- much like what the Moai 200 will have.


I’m glad that I’m not alone! I appreciate your assistance with this. I ordered a Form2 hoping this won’t be an issue.


the quick way to check is to swap galvo cables and if is the effect changes axis