What if I have removed the protective film on the screen of the Phenom Noir?

I thought that i had read somewhere that the protective film on the screen had to be removed, so when unpacking and preparing the Phenom Noir for the first print i have removed the protective film from the screen. Now i understand that I should not have done so.

But my question is: Why would we want the protective film to be on the screen in the first place? Except for avoiding scratches on the glass surface of the screen, every film layer on a screen degrades the quality and sharpness of a screen, so why keep it on?

Could someone please explain why it should NOT BE REMOVED… ?


Those films on all Phenom panels, not just Noir, should be kept on unles it is damaged. It serves protection against spills, leveling pressing and bumps. Here is the LCD panel guide:

Thank you for your reply.
So it has no optical properties that make any difference in the printing process (accept absorbing light), it is just protection from local forces and scratches? Printing can just as well been done without the protective film? Do I have to adjust the exposure settings now that i have removed this film? What do you think?