What do I have to do to get my Leveling right?


Just did the corner cylinder test A=8.08 B=8.02 C=7.83 D=7.73 SO if I got this right have to lower all 4 corners to get to 10.75 A= -2.67 B= -2.73 D= -3.02 C= -2.92 Right? I will be using a digital dial indicator to lower the vat. I will take the measurement off of the corners of the Platform on each corner.


Start here.


wow, that is some heavy pressure on the vat. make sure your laser power is down at 57 for testing so the peel force doesn’t affect the vat too much


So my thoughts are right on the adjustments"


More or less that is correct, but if you make the adjustments you have listed the bottom of the vat could end up lower than the cover panel around the vat holder and you might not be able to get the vat out.
If you followed the Wiki instructions I linked to you should be a lot closer than that.

I just went through the leveling instructions on the wiki and hopefully made them more informative.
I have not changed the leveling check part yet, but might see if I can help it out too.


NEW dimensions A= 11.01 B= 10.97 C= 11.51 D= 11.29 . Getting closer. Is 10.75 the ideal height?


10.6-10.9 is what @peopoly recommends.

I don’t know if you have seen this.
With this you would loosen C by 3 flats/numbers and loosen D by 5 and at the same time increase the Z reset by 3 and it should be good.


Yes, I saw that. I made 7 flats on the nut driver (and numbered them) that came with the Moai. But I mainly use a digital dial caliper.


That’s a nice knob. I marked the socket they provided with a paint pen at 1/4 turn increments but your solution is far better. Kind of wish they’d included your tool instead of the socket :slight_smile: