What could be causing this kind of missing layers?


Printing small objects come out excellent, today I tried printing a large object and it failed, any idea guys?

X size: 900
Y size: 900
X deviation: 100
Y deviation: 100
Smooth: 50
Z speed: 2
PM speed: 10

Laser power: 58
XY speed: 4
Z reset: 1816
Z follows: 5
Compensate X:100
Compensate Y: 200
Z initial: 2
PM initial: 10



what is your vat type?
the settings is not wrong but the problem here could be the peel force, you are having a lot of supports and a full base support. Try to increase the density of the supports, when auto generate it will reduce the amount of supports, hence less peeling force



I am using the fep vat. There was still some missing layers even I used less support but a bigger pole size. The problem seemed to be solved after I cleaned some stain on the acrylic plate on the laser module.