What causes this drift between layers?


@DotJata i would need more information than that, please upload pictures of the model and how it’s placed, oriented

I’ll get you more photos.

They are supposed to be 10mm test cubes. So it should be square.

i see that you clean and post-cure the cubes right on the build plate, the resin has a 6.5% shrinkage after cured with UV light, so that explains the odd shape

That hasn’t been cured. I wiped it off with paper towel and took the photos. They were that shape immediately after the print was finished.

The main issue is that it isn’t square. It curves along the Z axis.

Any other ideas or suggestions?

try with 1 cube and have supports for the model, the first few layers will be squashes to create better adhesion, this can be the cause for the shape