What are good resins for cheap?

im on my last bottle of resin that i bought with my moai and looking for a better price wise version, as im going to be ramping up printing and go thru it much faster.
i am still using the PDMS vats, but its starting to show fogging and with getting more resin, im considering going to the FEP version
especially if i switch to one of the other brands ive saw, that people say destroy the PDMS much faster
any thoughts? feedback

your location will matter in the resin and price, tell us where you are?

sorry, USA…

no worries.
You have a lot of choices in the US, especially if you are switching to FEP, this will let you print LCD resins.

Siraya resins are my goto, Siraya Sculpt + tenacious will give you good parts.

Other resins Ive seen people print successfully on FEP Moai are - Dragon / Anycubic / ESun / Monocure Rapid

For PDMS resins, I would stick with Peopoly only.

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Bare in mind, some users experience growing pains when dialing in FEP vats, and you will need EZI level plate if you want to print more then 200ml of resin.
If you are printing professionally, consider the downtime it takes to dial in the new hardware and resin / support settings.

im not doing this professionally
good to know about needing the EZ level plate.
as im going to need to order more resin and build plates, ive seriously considering going with the FEP
the downtime/learning the dial in process. thats been my whole experience with 3D printing. lol
thank you

looking at Siraya resins says best to print above 25C, do you have the heater in your printer?
mines stock, so i might have to look into that as well

oh yes, a heated resin will give you much better quality prints, and I would say a must for FEP.
check this out.

What do you mean by Siraya Sculpt + tenacious, John? Do you mix it or you recommend one or another ?

mixing the both 50/50 gives great results, BUT this is for moai 130. I have not tested on the Moai 200. as you know softer resins can be harder to print due to more peel force.

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Thanks! Did you test any siraya or phrozen resin on 200?

not yet! but I have some deft resin which can print at 200um, I will test.

Okay I will stay with Peopoly but will give some try in the future :slight_smile: Let us know if you get some good results!

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Any input on the difference between Siraya Sculpt, and Siraya Fast Grey Resin? I might order both, and test, but I’m curious if you have any opinions on it.

I have not tried fast grey on the Moai, bare in mind BOTH resin are made for LCD printers, so you will need to use the FEP Vat on the moai, or risk damage to the PDMS vat.

Yah. I’m running a FEP vat. I’m going to pick up another one for fast color switching.

01%20AM I got my Siraya Sculpt Fast resin (Grey) yesterday. I did a few test prints and the laser power seems to be best balanced at 49. The Default was way over cured. 50 was lightly overcured. 40 was a total fail, and never left the vat. 48 was slightly under cured, and some of the fine detail did not print.
At 49 I managed to get a pretty good print. It seems to lack a small amount of detail in comparison to the Peopoly Clear I was using. This is a utility resin for me, so a little less detail is OK for my application. It’s still pretty good though!

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Using resin depends upon the work because different types of resin are suitable for different work. I would recommend epoxy resin that is cheaper and good to go. But epoxy resin can’t do everything as it is soft in nature. Instead, you can use a polyester resin that is hard in nature. you can contact us on Facebook for more information.

Is it ok to list my Peopoly resin for sale here? I over ordered just before Christmas. I have 3 L Peopoly Grey and 1 L clear Next. I’m looking for $200 + actual shipping in US only. I mix 1/3 next with the Grey for a more durable outcome.

Let me know if this is not ok and I will delete the post.