Weird striping effect


Hi @matt3o,

Sorry, i only had time to reply now, the print finished… At the base some supports failed, but not enough to cause the print to fail.

The supports on the back were all there. I dont see much of the same artifacts that i have on the other model, but it has a few…

Look at this pics, compare with yours and let me know…

This parts look good overall, despite the fact that i think the details on your print look way more pronounced than mine (but that may be because of the light hitting your model in a different way and shadowing the crevices, making details more pronounced):

Here you can see some problems:

This part of the model should be smooth… and its not…

This one aswell

And the side looks like this

So… what do you think? lol



what temperature are you printing at? the print looks pretty good (at least better than the other model) but it definitely lost some detail.

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The resin has been in between 28 and 30… sometimes 31…



do you have another resin to test? could it be a bad batch?



I dont =/… i bought 2L of hitemp along with the kit.

I am waiting to receive some more (hitemp grey), maybe i will get my hands on it this week along with the fep vat and adjustable build plate…

This is being hard to diagnose lol… what i can say is that really small objects do not appear to show this problems… at least the artifacts. I printed a Skull ring and it came out perfect… its really smooth!! It was actually the first print that really impressed me.

Im really dont know what more to try out… xD…

Again… thanks alot for your help.



Hey Matt! Interesting findings! How did you go about increasing the resolution in Cura?



it’s not easy and you can’t really 100% solve this issue with current slicers. you have to play with minimum polygn circumferece, max resolution and max travel resolution. But ultimately the moai misses a dedicated slicer.



Could it possibly be the mesh structure of the original file pre STL?