Weird striping effect


I could make a hole in the side right next to the buildplate…

Like this:

Do you think this would be enough?


I have printed a bust more or less of that size with 2mm wall thickness in gray resin with no big issues. I very very rarely print straight on the build plate. Maybe it’s a problem with the resin, you may try to overcure it a little. What laser power are you using?


I have tried 50-51-52.

51 is where the sweet spot seems to be… I had a few problems with 51 but it was the vat’s fault that was already foggy in the spot i was trying to print. 52 was starting to hide details so i stayed at 51.

I’m testing now straight off the buildplate with cross linked supports in some areas to see if it gets any better.

If that doesnt work i will up the laser to 52 and try again.


So here it is the result… In my view… more or less the same… the problems move to another areas of the model but they are still there.

Gonna try and up the laser to see if i get any improvements…

Photos and Orientation:

Here it is again that texture…

This shoulder looks way BETTER than the other prints… almost flawless (photo below)

The shoulder on the opposite side not so much (photo below)

The other side of the face also has that texture to it

I will give more updates as i go along…


Which shoulder is good / bad relative to the distance from center of the build plate? Your Cura image shows the right shoulder closer. Is that the one with the good or bad surface?


Hi @glassTransition, the right shoulder is the one that looks nicer.


Hey @matt3o

Tried more laser power (52) with the exact same setup and the results are worst… the weird texture is more pronounced and i have alot more stripes.

Here are the photos:


put it back at 51, crank the speed a little. I’d say +10mm/s. Position the model in the center of the plate and possibly print at 80um instead of 100um.

this I printed yesterday :slight_smile:


Is that model something i can get from anywhere so we could directly compare results??

What settings and profile did you use on that print?



it’s from here

printed at 25% (I believe… or it was 33%?). 40um layer height.

also put as little resin as you can in the vat


Would you be so kind to show me the orientation and supports you used?

Just so i have an idea what to aim for…


I can send you the gcode directly if you want. (it’s a 5 hours print)


That would be awesome!! Please do!


no prob


Thank you, gonna print it now.


Printing… but let me just ask one thing…

When i preview the gcode… can you see these bizarre effect on the outer-walls (this effect is all over the model)?

This is the gcode viewer on Repetier Host:

This is the viewer on Cura:

This is S3D:


that is weird, I gave you the gcode straight from the sd card, so that’s exactly what I printed. I tried to preview the code and it looks pretty bad too.

I tried to re-slice it and the gcode preview still looks bad. I guess an error of the preview? The print came out pretty good though, so I dunno.


Lol… lets see how it turns out on my printer…

The funny this is that… the preview of the other models i printed looked flawless and ended up not printing flawless xD

If these problems im having are slicer issues… in theory, shouldnt the issues be visible when i preview the gcode?


I made some more tests, it seems to be happening with gcodes bigger than about 120mb (use 0.02 or 0.04 layer height). I don’t know why but I wouldn’t worry. If it were really that bad my print would be pretty shit. It’s just that these slicers are not meant for laser. We know that by now.


Yea… we really need a dedicated slicer…