Weird protruding discs all over the prints

I’ve been going through the startup procedures, did the leveling and now trying to print the ring file. I have the updated FEP vat. And I’ve replaced the film and the bottom plexiglass. I’ve also cleaned the plexiglass above the laser and the mirrors. (Don’t see anything noticable)

When I print the ring it has all these protruding discs. Which I’m guessing is something messing with the clarity of the laser.

I did notice that on the alignment cylinders both on the left side had those protruding discs, but the right two were super clean.

Any thoughts?

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Here are some pictures as well as my current settings.

Hello Chris,

in advance, always set the Z Follow value to 0 (or 2). You can find more information about this parameter here:

Background parameter Z Follow

But the error in the print looks like the laser sporadically overexposes one layer completely.

If the beam path is clean (clean galvo mirrors are particularly important), then I appreciate that something is wrong with the laser control. Check the cables for loose contacts. If the laser cables are OK, then the fault could be in the power supply board or in the motherboard.

Thanks so much for your help. I had an issue when I updated the firmware to 1.18. during the print the PM motor would drop the vat less and less until it would stop completely. I’m currently using the 1.16 with these settings. I’ll change that z follow to 0, double check the galvo mirrors, and check the wiring. And I’m also going to do the galvo calibration. See if that helps.


As annoying as it may be, try draining your vat and using a different resin, I had a problem like this using some Esun resin and was getting crazy shifting of layers/discs like you were describing.

Sometimes just stirring the resin in the vat can also make a difference.

Thanks, I found out what was wrong. There was a piece of dust on one of the galvo’s. I cleaned that off and now it’s working great.