Weird Failure on Corner Test

So I’m firing up a new Moai 130, and I’m to the corner test. First of all here are my specs…

Easy-level build platform
MatterHackers Build Series Resin

The first time I ran the corner test print, three of the pillars printed perfectly. With the build platform installed normally, the pillar in the back left corner failed to print. The wide base is properly adhered to the build platform, but the narrower part of the pillar didn’t print at all.

I suspected that a wire might be blocking the laser intermittently, so I tidied up the wiring downstairs. Also, the three pillars that did print successfully were ~11 mm. So, I backed all of the leveling nuts off 1/2 turn, re-leveled the build platform, and tried again. I got exactly the same failure with the back left pillar. I don’t think it is an adhesion problem because the wide base of the back left pillar is stuck pretty well to the platform. On the plus side, the pillars after re-leveling were all 10.6 mm +/- 0.05mm.

Any thoughts on what could be causing that problem in the back left? The ring test printed fine, and it was oriented near the back left.

hi, please contact us by email so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time.