Weird failed prints due to thin support bases

I’ve been having many failed prints due to uneven and thin support bases as seen in this photo

You can see areas that are thinner as being more transparent

Here are my settings
X size: 900
Y size: 900
Y deviation: 100
X deviation: 100
Smooth: 50
Z Moto speed: 2
PM Moto speed: 30
Laser power: 55
XY speed set: 4
Z reset: 1815
PM reset: 40
Z follows: 40
Compensate X: 100
Compensate Y: 195
Z initial: 2
PM initial: 10

FEP vat with EZ level plate

Please help…

The thicker parts measure at about 2mm while the thin areas average 1mm

I use Asura to hand place, fairly densely, supports with
2.5mm wide base
1mm thick base
1.5mm wide supports
.75mm wide contacts.

Almost never have any failures with model gray resin.
I hollow all my parts to 1mm thick with 512 accuracy in mesh mixer adding drain holes as needed.

I’ve been printing nearly 24/7 for weeks this way even with huge parts on my moai 130.
Only 2 failures. One due to blowout (insufficient drainage)
One partial fail due to insufficient support density in 2 areas.

All default laser and peel settings.
FEP vat with EZ level build plate

The print has failed due to the supports being thin, but the cause of the thin supports is not known

whats the ambient temperature of the room the printer is in and also did you run the model through mesh mixer to detect any errors? Also we would need how you are preparing the model as far as wall thickness. drainage holes and orientation.

I have a diy heater on the vat keeping the resin at a constant 36c.
I have had this problem on multiple different prints.
At the beginning of a print the bed pushes down the vat very slightly but it does not do so evenly the right side goes down farther than the left, the right side being the part that prints properly.
I got this printer second hand and never got the standard build platform.
I verify all gcode files with simplify3d’s gcode viewer.
I have ordered new acrylic tensioners and sheets for the FEP vat. Hoping that may fix the problem. But I’m doubtful.

try to increase the z reset, test with the pre-sliced gcodes first
also increase the PM reset to 60

@Atlantic when you replace the FEP - see if the old FEP is thinner. I had 2 vats with very thin FEP preinstalled which caused similar failures as the FEP stretches too much and doesn’t release on the first few layers.

I just had a similar issue due (I think) to my FEP film being a bit to loose. When I changed film the first time it was tight as a drum and I printed with no problem. The second time I changed film there was a bit of slop in the tension and it didn’t appear to release everywhere during peel.