Wax Resin Alternatives and Settings/Use for Jewelers


it is in burnout test stage. we are closer than before but not for wider field test yet.


keep going guys! wish all the luck!!!


excuse me for being a pain in the a**, but you think less or more than 6 mouths for this beauty be ready to rock??


We are aiming for 2 months go into production. Burn out may require a specific powder + burn out schedule to ensure properly cleaning out all the ashes. W


thanks a lot guys! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Well Its been long since the last update. I am perplexed as to which castable resin to buy. FTD, waxcast or bluecast? Also can someone suggest which is better: outsource for casting or do it in house?
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Thanks in advance


Does anyone here do stone in wax casting? if yes, how do you do it and what kind stones you limit yourself to while using this process?


BE CAREFUL the high heat can damage many types of stones, better off setting them last!


Hey guys;

IMHO the winner right now is BlueCast-LS (with a preheated VAT). Were still tuning this - getting better all the time. Most recent castings have been stunning.

We can schedule you in if you want a casting done. If you want gems cast in place please first read the paper by Tyler Teeg on the RioGrade website.




Here’s an example of what you can get out of the process with .925 sterling…

Left to Right: b9 with Yellow, Peop with WaxCast (yuk), Peop with BlueCast-LS,


Yeah , waxcast is out for me. Bluecast LS is what i am gonna buy but the B9 with yellow seems good too. How to post process your cast and how long does it take?


Well i read that from the link you provided and was quite taken to the idea of it all. Will research more about it though before doing anything.


Great comparison photo!


for castable /wax resin, make sure you dial it down the pm motor down to 10 and z motor down to 3 as those are often softer and more susceptible to layer lines


Roger, did you ever try Fun To Do castable?


Not yet… What do castings look like???



not so good - don’t recommend. and it’s not as stable as bluecast - will separate over time. and burns pdms fast :frowning:


Roger, that picture with blue and yellow ring, that’s MakerJuice Waxcast vs Form Blue castable? If so, the waxcast looks better.


I have not tried fun to do, only have a bottle of waxcast and fun to do. Want to learn about others’ experiences before trying out anything and ruining my vats.


you are referring to fun to do castable? Separate over time? what will separate?