Wax Resin Alternatives and Settings/Use for Jewelers


Hey, hope you’re enjoying your bluecast…It’s definitely working well for me.

What do you mean exposure time?

As for the printer, I initially change the settings, but after the last firmware update, I forgot to change my settings back and the prints came out just fine, maybe even a bit better? So leave the stock settings, you should be good, as long as your Vat is level.

No UV curing is necessary, just alcohol and water bath and off you go. The way I cast with this is I set my furnace to 1650 degrees F, keep my molds in for 1 hour and go straight to the centrifuge where my casting metal of choice (silver) is already liquid. I’m getting incredible results with the exception of a bad cast from time to time, but I think that has something to do with reusing remnant silver too many times?

Best of luck


Hi Miguel.

Yeah sorry I didn’t ask the right question, my fault. I meant to ask what were your settings on the Moai and Cura.

I had terrible prints… Full of build lines! I messaged the people at Bluecast and they were really helpful. I’ve cut down a lot of the build lines but some are still visible. Especially in the test ring, right in the stone cluster section.

I’d like to compare settings with you?



be careful about copying other users’ z reset position that is not 1877 as it may be customized for their leveling.


Blasted build lines! Aaaaargh!

And no reply from the guys at Bluecast…:disappointed:


I believe they have several different versions of blue cast. The one listed in Peopoly was contributed by Evan Morgan as he was printing for a client. You could ask him for some feedback on which version he used


Thanks Mark, will do.


Well Team;

It’s been a bit of a wrestling match but our Moai is rock’in. Interesting that using MakerJuice WaxCast the post height for the build table leveling procedure only varies by 4 one-hundredths of a millimeter any corner to any corner. Moreover, post height on any given corner varies by only 3 one-hundreths of a millimeter across multiple print runs. And, prints look great.

We’re a B9 shop so now comes the head-to-head competition with B9’s set to 30 micron resolution. Will post B9 prints and Moai prints side by side shortly…

Also, definitely take 100 grit sand paper to your build table surface and “fluff it up” a bit. Whoever recommend this was spot on - it results in awesome print adhesion to the build table.

happy printing, stay tuned…


Cool. Have you tried using the B9 resin on Moai yet? I tried Yellow but didn’t get far.

Looking forward to your updates.:grin:


Unbelievable! See photo of a head to head comparison of:

  • Moai: 50 microns Z resolution, Makerjuice Waxcast
  • B9: 30 microns Z resolution, Yellow resin.

Next going to run Moai at 25 microns.
I guess it’s time to dump our B9’s.


Hashra; Might not try yellow on moai, Waxcast is lookin pretty nice with slow/long burnout and plasticast…


Picture is comparison of:

  • B9 at 30 microns x,y,z
  • Moai + waxcast at 50 microns z
  • Moai + waxcast at 25 microns z



That B9 30 micron result looks a lot like it was actually printed at 100 micron layer height. Gotta wonder if there is a problem in the settings (or code) for the B9 print.


can you share parameters for the B9 yellow resin?


You looking to use B9 resin on Moai?


That waxcast looks amazing. please post cast pictures - many here have shown that wax cast doesn’t burn out completely.


Something else… But i need a reference to start from.


Well worth checking out the resin exposure sheet. You’ll find a lot of resin exposure settings.



yes iv’e seen it… but i dont see B9 overthere.


I tried it and failed consistently!

I aim to keep trying and hopefully get somewhere with it. Lol.


wait… so how do we have here picture og b9 yellow vs waxcast?

there got to be parameters for it. can you sare what you achived so far?


I think the comparison was two different machines MOAI (waxcast) vs. the other machine B9(yellow)