Wax Resin Alternatives and Settings/Use for Jewelers


I magnified the photos you took and to be honest the casting don’t look any better than the ones that are done with Wax Cast or FTD Cast.
The only benefit would be the quick burnout of a hour. I also did a search and found nothing positive about the blue cast.

But please keep us informed and it would be really nice to see some fine detain both in casting and model.


bluecast facebook page have some really good results (also someone on there testing for moai but have yet to hear back)

Also formlabs fourms have good and negative results but theres alot of information there that could help with casting.


My point is that Blue Cast does not create a finished any better than FTD or Wax Cast as the photos show. Now Blue Cast does create a better 3D print than Wax Cast, but not FTD Cast

I do love the one hour burnout though.


I’ll try FTD then…thank you guys for the info…


Miguel just a heads up on FTD cast, the new batch I got is great on the detail in the ring, but it takes longer to burn out in oven. I just did a burn out and cast of two identical rings, six hour burnout and five of those were at 1500 degrees and I used Plasticast investment for this burnout and cast. The Wax Cast burned out cleaner and almost ash free, and will be using this one for a customers engagement ring. In the attached photo the one with the most detail is the Wax Cast, FTD would have needed another hour or two to burn out all ash.
FTD does better prints but is also very hard on PDMS layer.
Wax Cast is now the one I recommend between the two. Will test more when I get more samples of casting resin.

Remember at least five hour at 1500 degrees, and even six would be OK!


Hey bobby, if you have time, try mixing the waxcast with the funtoDo. I had some pretty good results as far as prints go. Alot better than when i tried printing waxcast on its own and better when i printed FTD on its own. But as im not a caster I had to get them sent out to be casted but havent got any of them to cast to a standard i would be comfortable with.

The prints helped with pdms burning too.

This was awhile back but i think i did a 80 to 70% wax cast to 20 to 30% FTD.
laser power I used was similar to the wax cast I think near 60 but i did raise the printer speed i think it was something like 200 or more

Ill try to post some pictures of it tomorrow when im back in the shop.


Please do I would like to see photos.

I have to catch up on a few more jobs before I start testing again, but with the increase heat to 1500 degrees in burnout the castings are coming out a lot cleaner, which means less cleanup. And the Wax Cast has done real well with the increase temp and time burnout.
I would have love to test some of the Blue cast but I’m not going to drop 225.00 for it. And I’m also interested in trying the Yellow cast to see how that works.
They do have another resin that dissolves in water, curious if that would work with a steamer that some people use to remove wax models from investment prior to burnout.


I still have 1/3 liter of wax cast and I’ll probably never use it…I was not happy with any of my results…way too much clean up…with the bluecast I didn’t sand anything…I took it out of centrifuge into tumbler over night and delivered to my customer the next day…way too easy and the results were great for that turn around…

I will however try the FTD at some point and see what I can produce with my burnout regiment…

Thank you guys for all your input, I’m a better jeweler because of you…


didnt have any laying around at the shop had to ask one of the clients to send pics of old samples i sent over.

but what i liked about the mixture was that didnt burn the pdms, smaller thinner supports were capable, prints were stronger and wouldnt break off so easily, to me the surface looked better.

only thing was didnt have nice cast like i do with the b9 stuff. So until i can get something that prints well and cast as clean as b9, ill need to keep testing different resins.

hopeful with the bluecast.


Sorry I’ve gone quiet for a while. Rest assured I am still on this! I will be testing B9 Yellow this weekend :slight_smile:


great would love to hear how print results go.


I am also following this thread, and we expect to have two updated wax castable for internal testing next week.


I would be more than happy to test!


I’m up for testing…


Holy smokes… I’ve been testing B9 yellow all day today (6 hours most likely) and I think I’m nearing the end of my headache. Currently have two rings printing and it looks like it’s working.

My machine is new so I’m going through a bit of a learning curve at the same time. Anyway it turns out that my VAT level needed turning down as there was too much force/suction. The prints always broke from the supports. Then I figured out about print speed settings in Cura… Jeez.

I’m currently on…

Layer - 50
Print Speed - 45
Laser - 59

From what I remember in my dlp days, this resin takes ages to cure.

Full update after I come back from the cinema. I’m taking my daughters to see Paddington and this stuff is giving me a headache! Need a break. LOL!


Let me know how it cast up!


Print failed. It might be that still the build plate is too low. Lifting build plate one point at a time. It should work at some point. Lol.


Update Well, I’ve been at this for two days solid and gotten nowhere with B9 Yellow! I’ve tried so many variations from print speed to laser power to support posts… You name it!

I know this is a notorious resin as it has long curing times. That’s why I set it at a slower print speed but it still fails even though it adheres to the build plate.

I’ve damaged my PDMS too so not happy about that. Good thing I got a spare!

I’m giving it up for the moment. I’ve really got to start printing some jewellery and get some work done!


B9 Crossed off the list!



During the frustration I didnt remove the build plate when I took off the VAT. I got a couple of drips of B9 on the galvo bracket and behind it. The mirrors have narrowly avoided it! I’ve been carefully cleaning up around the area with extreme care. Galvo test looks okay and I’ve re-levelled the vat bed.

Today was a shit day…