Wax Resin Alternatives and Settings/Use for Jewelers


just make sure the waxcast gets 2-3 hours at 1500-1600.


Haven’t cast yet. but I have a minor issue that I’m sure someone knows something about.

Still using waxcast…

Getting great results at 20um. But I am having a weird thing happening at the bottom of the prints, the very first few layers past the supports things are a little ugly… Not just because of the supports, but the prints are a little washed out. I know these particular photos show a very fragile item, .8mm thick at the thickest part. but the issue shows clearly. There is nothing to complain about at the top of the ring directly above the problem area.

The last photo shows the problem area, the rest are just for context.


I can’t say for sure the issue… I just know that waxcast (or most castable resins) have a really hard time at that resolution, just because it is so soft.


I wish that the Peopoly’s resin was castable. It prints so freaking well.


Couple more 20um waxcast prints. Looking pretty great!

First cast was a bust. Really rough surface texture.


First cast was a bust. Really rough surface texture.

Doing the low heat vacuum cure will fix this…


By the way, what settings did you finally settle on to print at 20um?


FEP Vat, Easy-to-level Build Plate and the Peopoly Heater - second edition

I should mention that a couple prints failed at 100um with these settings, but 20um worked fine.

I use Asura to build supports and Cura to slice. I am using the moai specific profiles in the most recent versions.