Water Washable resin for Peopoly Moai SLA

This is my first post so hope I leave all nessesary information for the question :slight_smile:

I have started looking int water washable resins but most of these resins seem to be for DLP och UV LCD 3D printers. I suspect that a SLA have way to much power and will make most resins unusable if they are not for SLA prints.

I hvae been looking at different water washable resins: eSUN, Wanhao, Elegoo and the super expensive FSLaser resin. Only FSLaser seem to have a specific SLA resin but at 200$ per liter its a no-go for me.

I have both the FEP and PDMS vats. Read a post saying if you are trying to use DLP-resins they might work with FEP-vat but not a PDMS-vat wich got me wondering:

Is there a different with the printable materials depending on wich vat im useng?
Could I use any resin and manufacturer as long as I choose the right vat and laser setting?

Have any of you used any water washable resin? Could you in that case share the laser setting and which vat to use?

Thanks in advance!

With the FEP vat, you can experiment with LCD / dlp resins, it is more durable and if break, cheap and easy to replace.
Laser power is the first thing you would want to test adjusting if planning to use LCD resin.

Most LCD resin will cure around 49 laser power.

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Thanks for the reply.
It was your post, johnchen, wich made me start look into other optiosn so tanks again for the reply.

no worries, here is a spreadsheet with some oem resin that users have tested.

Looks like it hasnt been updated for awhile, but it may help.

If you are using FEP, make sure you read the FEP wiki info


it has some recommended settings