Water washable (ERYONE) for Phenom L

Hi guys! Has anyone tried this ERYONE water washable resin on a Phenom? I am loving it in my dazz printing at 4s, but mostly because of the hassle free cleaning. I wonder if it could be used in the Phenom L ( will receive my unit next month) I have bought some Siraya tech fast just in case too, but would love to avoid alcohol cleaning. thanks!

try not to use water-washed resin, the model after printing with water-washed resin is easy to be brittle. And you need to test the printing parameters yourself. It’s a waste of time and resin. Although peopoly is open to third-party resins. It is better to use the resin recommended by peopoly for printing. Because there are built-in printing parameters in the chitubox software.

hello, i tried the elegoo water washable white, with the good parameters it prints well on the phenom L . had some fails at first trying out different parameters.
you have to print slowly overwise the supports would break, i use only medium and heavy supports too.
If you’re still intresseted on trying it, here the basics parameters i use.
Bottom exposure: 90s for 10 layers
normal exposure: 10s
lifting speed: 45mm/s

have a good print!

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Hi Mortimer, I have just purchased a Phenom L and have tried using the ELEGOO Water Washable 3D Printer Rapid Resin LCD UV-Curing Resin Slate Grey as I’d been using that on our Elegoo Mars. We’ve been getting some strange lines and support failures and I saw your post regarding using the same but in white. Can I use those setting for the Slate grey and can I ask what layer height you are using? Thanks in advance…

For large-scale phenom L equipment, please choose a heavy-duty support for the support setting. If a third-party resin printing is used, the third-party resin printing parameters need to be provided by the third party, and the printing test needs to be done by yourself. Try to use the resin printing recommended by peopoly. It not only has a high printing success rate, but also has built-in resin printing parameters in the chitubox software, which can reduce the resin printing test time.