Water soluble resin


What are Peopoly’s plans regarding water soluble resisn - looks like several products exist, any concrete plans going in a more environmentally friendly direction.

And to the users of the forum - What are your experiences so far?


Why do you think water washable resins are more environmentally friendly?

For me water washable resins are the worst “invention” they have come up with, people think that if a product is water washable it is harmless and that’s not the fact.

You will have more ppl throwing uncured resin down the drains and taking less care with contact. Monomers and Photoinitiators are nasty things, unless someone developed a initiator from clorophile and some way to make bio monomers like a dna resin, you will never have eco friendly UV cured resins

Closest think i have read about is a reversable polimerization resin prototype. something you can uv polimerize and later reverse the polimerization with a special heat treatment (teorethically reciclable resin)

Unless you know something i don’t, if you do please share


Actually more friendly as one would not need chemicals to rinse, as for the rinse-water, yes still needs to be disposed off safely but every little bit helps. Should be possible to evaporate the water so you only have resin to dispose off safely. Interesting prototype work you mention hope people continue working on that as well as other initiatives.


You can dispose of contaminated EtOH and IPA by absorbing it into kaolin clay (kitty litter) and evaporating the liquid. The kitty litter can then be disposed of in solid waste or incinerated. Contaminated water, esp. with detergents, is much harder to evaporate.


You can use propilenglicol to clean the normal resin it is the base of products like resinaway tek and others popping around. i stick to my guns here. water washable for a product that should have never reached mass market should just be prohibit by law since ppl will use it the wrong way.


That’s really good to know. I’ve been concerned about the waste that’s generated.