Vigo The Carpathian Statue

Hi everyone my name is Mihai and i am a senior 3d artist/character artist and want to share with you this project i have been working on since last year. The statue is inspired from a portrait of Vigo The Carpathian from the movie Ghostbusters 2. The project started out as a digital sculpt with some back and forth between Zbrush and Maya for matching the camera and the character with the portrait. I made a blog that goes into more of the technical approach of this project at the following link:
For this project i wanted make a real time game model that can be seen here and prepared the highpoly for 3d printing, added keys, made the meshes hollow, added drain holes and made sure everything was clean and ready for print. I wanted to go all out on this project so all of the meshes were sculpted in the millions of polygons including surface details like pores, leather patterns and so on, the meshes were then decimated and i wanted to see if the details would come through in the print.
In the video bellow u can see the meshes in Zbrush and with the help of boolean preview u can see how they look on the inside.

3D Render of the parts that will be used for 3d printing

After i calibrated the printer i started to print each piece and with lots of great help from peopoly and the comunity i was able to tweak and get some nice prints off my Moai.
I am using Asura with default settings, regular vat and regular build plate to get these results, only thing i tweaked was the Z-reset when i did the calibration test, i still need to calibrate it on the XY axis but most of the prints were in the center of the printer so there wasn’t much skewing happening.
On the first test prints that had some tolerance issues, supports welding problems that were fixed in the newer version of Asura and some smaller problems i used to test how it would look with grey primer and here is what i got:
Head test printed at 40 microns, 11 h print.

Uploading: IMG_0757.JPG…

Ran out of resin and till more arrives decided to print the larger objects on my old FDM printer, this just finished printing early today at 100 microns rez, took almost 24h to complete, removed the supports and did a bit of wet PLA sanding, still need to finish it some more and add some grey primer.

Now i just primed all the final parts that i have for the character, i only need to print the pants and do some filling and sanding to get it looking nice and it will be done.

I think i will print the base and the rest of the large pieces on my FDM printer and if the quality will be enough then i will keep them. Next i need to print the second piece of the wall, the small Painting piece separated into 2 prints and finally the biggest piece so far, the base, due to how large it will be i’m going to have to separate it into lots of pieces, also have a cool idea planned that i will be adding as the cherry on top for this project, will reveal it soon.
Alright so thanks for reading and watching all of my prints, if you would like to keep up to date on this project and other projects i will be working on please check out my page, link will be bellow. Cheers


Thats a great model and a great print - nice one.

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Thanks, really linking the moai printer, my old FDM printer always failed to recreated the details i put into my models, glad i finally found a printer that gets out all the details.

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Very well done, well written and well photographed! You have come a long way doing this project from 3D modeling to printing and now onto painting. We are very excited to see this project evolve!

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Thanks, tried to simplify this as much as i could, a year on a projects is a lot of content, cant wait to start the next phase of this project.

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This was such an awesome project on ZBrushCentral, and it’s even more amazing seeing it come to life on the Moai. Stunning work!

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Thanks, will start printing the next piece tomorrow, only a few pieces left to go.

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After a day and a half of printing on my old FDM printer i finally have a full wall printed, the 2 pieces have been glued together and tomorrow will start finishing it.

This project is fantastic! I was a huge fan of the movie and it’s great to see you are doing such a good job staying faithful to the source material. Really great work on the modeling. It would be great to be able to purchase the model for 3D printing one day.

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Thanks, maybe one day ill make the 3d files available, right now it would be way to expensive, will make multiple copies of this statue, more info will become available on my page.

Did a lot of things till the last update, waited for more resin to arrive, did maintenance on my printer(lubricated the Z axis and the PM rod, cleaned the vat, changed the resin, cleaned the glass protector from dust, cleaned the mirrors with a small dust pump), calibrated the XY axis of the printer.
Vigo’s pants finished printing today, printed at 60 microns took 22h to complete.

Full character finished with blue pants on.


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:joy: Its perfect! Love the blue pants! This is coming along very very nicely!

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Vigo’s rocking those blue pants!

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Quick update, been a while since I posted, switched to a new vat, did some calibration prints and printed 2 pieces of the base, got a lot more to print and will post updates as it progresses.

Back row of the base finished, got a lot more to print. More info on my page


I was debating if I should print the base on the FDM printer in less parts, but the resolution isn’t going to be as good and post processing PLA is difficult. Printing the base in SLA will require smaller parts to fit the buildvolume and the only issue that may appear will be the parts not fitting perfectly, I calibrated the printer in Z and in XY but u never know till all the parts are finished.

Next piece for the base printed, started to print the next piece and that’s all the resin that I have, need to order more to finish the base.

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So excited for this Project! Its coming along really really well!

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