Very rough prints only at a certain orientation

Hey guys im pretty new to the SLA side of 3D printing and ive only had my Moai for about a month. Im having issues with this one model in particular and i am stuck between printing it flush with the build plate, which keeps the model very true to its dimensions but the sides just come out atrocious, or tilting it and using supports which results in a better print over all but i think the suction from the vat makes the part warp alot and i just cant get it to hold dimensions. Either way im stuck currently and i need some help if you guys dont mind. Im using the Clear Tough Resin from Peopoly and my bed is pretty darn level, cylinders A,B,C, and D were all real close to where they needed to be.

i would upload more images but im a new user so im stuck with just one.

try replying with more images or upload them to google drive, its too hard to tell whats going on with your photo.
include your printer settings and also a picture of what the part is suppose to look like in slicer with supports.

I appreciate your advice, i’ll work on what you said and try to figure it out.

@TheAmericanPatriot for a model like this, if you want it to say on the build plate, set the z-offset to 0 and generate the supports as usual, delete the support bases that are unnecessary
what’s wrong with your set up is that you don’t have vent holes on the dome, which cupping the resin and that tents to fail, also you still need supports underneath the dome so that the model don’t collapse, follow the instructions i wrote above and you should print it nicely

Thanks for your advice, it helped me out alot, i have made some changes and got everything cleared up. Its printing much much better now. Thanks again for your advice i appreciate it.

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