Very Obvious Layer Lines with SirayaTech Blu Resin

Hi, I just got the Phenom L and the first couple test prints are showing very glaring layer lines compared to similar prints from my Elegoo Mars. I know that the L has bigger pixels compared to the Mars (90 micron vs ~45) but I’m using the same layer height so I would expect the layer lines to not be much worse really. There’s also a whitish color on each layer making the part look a lot less transparent, though that might be mostly post-processing related. See photo, Phenom L print is on left and Mars print is on right.

I’m using Sirayatech Blu with the default recommended settings in Chitubox for the Phenom L. Relevant settings are below:
Layer height: 0.05mm
Exposure time: 12s
Lift distance: 12mm
Lift speed: 35mm/min
Retract speed: 150mm/min
Anti-aliasing level: 8
Grey level: 4

Is it possible to get better quality prints with less obvious layer lines?