Ventilation solution


I’m using my Phenom L more and more and I’ve gotten to the point where I really need to do something about the fumes, so I’m going to install an extraction system. I could build an enclosure for the printer, but I would prefer to mount an exhaust hose to the case.

  • Do you have any specific recommendations for extraction solutions?
  • What is the best way to connect an exhaust hose to the case of the printer? Is this a viable approach?

Thanks for the help.

I used this -

You only have to upscale the parts to fit the Phenom L and you should be fine.

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Also, this.

This is what I built. Remember to leave room on the right-hand side to access the power button and USB input.


I used some good adhesive tape to stick the flanged bracket to the side of the printer. I had to drill extra holes to bracket clear the fan screws.

Flanged bracket

Flexible Hose

Jubilee Clip

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I did this (on the Prime - it may have a different fan placement than yours):


No enclosure, I just vented both fan exhaust areas and then I have an external fan that sends the smell outside. I can adjust the exhaust to a vent for cleaning. The smell is almost non-existent.

I glued some round magnets into the side vent collection scoops so those are magnetically attached to the sides of the printer (no ugly tape).

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