Vat won't tilt during printing


My vat does tilt at startup, but is no longer tilting while printing. I’ve tried new gcode as well as the diy test gcode I downloaded from the wiki. I thought the problem might be suction from the new pdms so I tried running it without the vat; still no tilt. I’ve tried resetting the printer for several minutes and I noticed while troubleshooting that I had firmware version 1.16 so I updated to 1.18. Any ideas what I need to try now?



Hello @BrentCain I am sorry this is happening to you!

A couple questions just so I can attempt to narrow it down:

  • Can you post all your settings here from the Moai for me please (photos are fine if that is easier)?

  • Is it a Pre-built Moai or a kit?

  • Did you reformat the SD card?



I started with the latest system settings for the Moai with PDMS vat:
X Size 900
Y Size 900
X Deviation 100
Y Deviation 100
Smooth 50
Z Motor Speed 2
PM Motor Speed 15

Laser Power 58
XY Speed Set 4
Z Reset Postion 1877
PM Reset Position 10
Z Follows 2
CompensateX 100
CompensateY 200
PM Initial Speed 10

I tried increasing PM Moto Speed to 25 and PM Reset position to 20 and I tried increasing the Z Reset position to 1880.
The Moai was a kit I built in January. It was printing fine until last month.
I did reformat the SD card when I updated the firmware during troubleshooting.



Z Motor speed: 15
PM Motor speed: 30
PM Reset Position: 40
Z Follows: 40

You can look here also to see what else you may need to adjust.

Also here for the Tilting and Peel:

Let me know if that works for you. :slight_smile:



I made the suggested changes and still no tilting during prints. I watched it with the side panel off I can see the screw that is supposed to twist to lower and raise the vat keeps twisting back and forth instead of moving smoothly.



@BrentCain Can you take a short video of this and email it with the link to this thread and purchase number to please?



I emailed Saturday morning but I haven’t received a response yet. How long is the normal wait time?



I am sorry about that, I contacted support. They will be in contact with you.