Vat Sticks To Build Plate When Powering Up When Left Down



I have noticed that the Vat and Build plate stick together when the machine is powering up. Of course this only occurs if the build plate is in the down position and the machine is turned off then on again.

As the machine powers up and the start up routine is attempted; you can hear the motor struggle as well as see the vat struggling to release.

Sounds like a recipe for a broken motor… Should I be concerned?


A video will help. The tilt motor pushes past level as part of the startup, which produces a disconcerting gear train stuttering noise. This is normal. If the vat is catching the build plate (which ones?), then there is probably mechanical interference. Look for scuffing or scratches on the sides of the vat and build plate for tell-tale signs. If you find them, then something is out of alignment by a huge margin.


it seems that you are trying to change the z reset position, the setting for silicon vat is 1877.
the build plate will stick a little bit when it touches the vat, that’s good overall, it souldn’t break your motor
But if the z reset position is too low (example 1900) or the are resins in the vat, that could destroy your vat if you do it multiple times


usually, the printer will try to peel before it pulls. Was the machine powered off during first layer? if you want to stop a print, cancel is a better option


Thank you for your replies!
I missed them in my email.

The problem was from me setting the position from 1877 to 1876 then back to 1877 to lower the build plate each time. I see now that is probably an unnecessary step after leveling.