Vat cleaning-expose whole bed

Hi, I finally got to try out my Phenom L with the test cube file from peopoly.
Had half a bed’s worth of prints fail so there is stuff stuck to bottom of bed. It’s tedious trying to scrape each individual piece from the film.
With my other resin printers I can just project/expose(with bed sitting in vat) to cure the whole first layer and then remove the bed and peel the whole first layer from bed then strain the leftover resin from the vat and get back to printing in 5 minutes. Very quick process compared to spending an hour trying to carefully scrape cured messes off of the film.
How can I do that with the phenom?
I can create a box the size of bed to slice in chitubox, but don’t know how to “print” it on the phenom without the bed being jammed into the lcd. Is there a way to expose the first layer without moving the z axis?

edit: just tried running the block file with extended exposure time for first layer without the bed in the printer. Works fine.

You can stop the platform from moving down on the way. Then expose and print.

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